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“A Bitter Fog”

Carol Van Strum

In her words…

Clips from interviews

A story about Beaver Creek residents

Willow Kasner


Beaver Creek Residents Unite!

15 minute tour through our beautiful Siletz Gorge

Lincoln County Community Rights

Siletz Gorge

Valley of the Giants

Tour through  the forest

Lincoln County Community Rights

Valley of the Giants

Gift of an intact Old Growth Forest

Newport water is from Big Creek- how much has been sprayed?

Lincoln County Community Rights

Big Creek Tour

3 minutes on aerial spraying

 A heart felt story about a farmer, his wife and family

Loren, A Farm Owner

My Experience With Pesticides

It effected my whole family 

Lincoln County stories of medical practices & politics, research & activism

Renee Stringham, MD

Hot Spot for Birth Defects

One physician speaks, a precautionary tale

Economic Picture of Forestry in Lincoln County

Ernie Niemi, Economist 

Citizens for a Healthy County

Harvard Economist talks Forest

Transferring power from one political party to the next

Will Trackman & Adam White

Regulatory Whiplash

Federalist Society

Restoring our Planet’s Health

Zachary Weiss

Water- Earth’s Blood

The old and new water Paradigm

Direct experience regarding aerial sprayings

Summary and Panel Discussion

The People vs Agent Orange

Citizen Representatives from Oregon Coast

A story about Gold Beach, OR residents

Beyond Toxics


A Community Seeking Justice

An environmentally safe alternative to herbicides

Happen Films


A Forest with Goats

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University of Oregon  

School of Law

Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides


Legal Legacies in Pesticide Reform

Asking for a balance in Forest Management

Pacific Rivers

Behind the Emerald Curtain 

Citizens for Water Protection

Beavers are essential to water and land management

George Monbiot

How Beavers Engineer the Land 

Beavers bring life to water and to the land

Forest are managed to support clean water and air.

Peter Hayes, Hyla woods President

Putting Forest First 

Climate Smarter Forestry