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Educational Meetings held to inform the public about environmental issues regarding spraying pesticides on the land.

Ernie Niemi, Economist 

Ernie specializes in applying the principles of cost-benefit analysis, economic valuation, and economic-impact analysis to describe the economic importance of natural resources. 

His analyses have addressed resource-management programs for water quantity, quality, and reliability; economic security for at-risk human communities; conservation of at-risk fish, wildlife, and plant species; management of natural-resource risks; adaptation of households, businesses, and communities to expected changes in climate; management of public lands and waters; diversion of surface and ground water for irrigation, livestock, domestic, and municipal-industrial uses; maintenance or enhancement of in-stream flows; water conservation; forest restoration; and floodplain management.

March 13, 2024

Oregon Community Rights Network

Kai Huschke, from Oregon Community Rights Network, spoke on grassroots organizing for local decision-making and how it relates to the legalized spraying of toxic chemicals over the Beaver Creek watershed. Hit the like and subscribe button. If I reach 1000 subscribers there’s more I can do with YouTube live streaming! Thank you!

More information about ORCN- Oregon Community Rights Network’s mission is to support and empower communities to secure local self determination and self-governance rights, superior to corporate power, in order to protect fundamental rights, quality of life, the natural environment, public health, and safety

SEPTEMBER 24, 2023

Kai Huschke

Oregon Community Rights Network

Activating communities into action!

Meet the Author,

Carol Van Strum

Author Carol Van Strum, not only wrote “A Bitter Fog” about the devastating effects of poisonous spraying in Five Rivers, she earned a lifetime Achievement award for her work on environmental issues, she was instrumental in getting agent orange banned in the US AND she lives right here in our community. 

Excerpt-For more than two decades, the residents of Oregon’s rural countryside waged a battle to protect themselves and their families from the toxic chemicals sprayed near their homes and farms. This book tells the story of the staggering toll in human health and lives of herbicide use by forestry, agriculture, and other industry and the ignorance and indifference of the U.S. Forest Service, Environmental Protection Agence, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and other government agencies to which these people turned for help.

Carol Van Strum became alarmed after her own children were sprayed by a passing truck during a routine weed-control operation. She and her neighbors began to notice a pattern to the health problems among the residents of Oregon’s rural valleys and forests — miscarriages, birth defects, cancers, heart ailments, severe skin rashes and a host of other illnesses.

As the search for an answer dug deeper, a disquieting record of faked, distorted, and incomplete studies into the safety of more than 100 widely used drugs and chemicals was uncovered. The government’s own records showed widespread problems at laboratories paid by the chemical industry to vouch for the safety chemicals the public was routinely exposed….. 

October 2, 2023 Recording soon to be posted…..

Carol VanStrum

Author “A Bitter Fog”


Awarded for her commitment to a healthier world by ending poisonous spraying of the Earth


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